The Best Week

In July

Moultrie-Douglas County Fair

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Moultrie-Douglas County Fair – a tradition that, thanks to you, continues to bring together thousands of residents from the Moultrie and Douglas Counties area each year for a week of summer fun! This year we are celebrating 88 years – and what a ride it has been! Over the decades the fair has been held, countless community volunteers and local businesses have worked together to bring you closer to our county’s agricultural heritage, all while offering our  schedule of rides, food, craft vendors, entertainers, bands, and home arts competitions. For many area residents, this is the kind of unique event where young adults, parents, and grandparents have been coming together every year since they were children. Thanks to your participation, we are one step closer to bringing even more of our neighbors and friends together!

On behalf of the board of directors and the volunteers of this great organization, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Moultrie-Douglas County Fair Board Directors

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