Floriculture Premiums, Classes and Entry Form 2018

Dept. L

Total Premiums offered: $652

Stephanie Alexander


*See Domestic Arts General Rules and Regulations for fees, registration, drop-off, judging, and pick-up times

All specimens in Department J are to be grown and displayed by the exhibitor. All potted plants exhibited must have been in the hands of the exhibitor for at least three months.

Specimens should be displayed in clear glass soda bottles, half-pint, pint, or quart containers. All Floral arrangements and displays must be completely self-contained and must use real flowers. Dried or artificial flowers may be added, but should not be the focal point.

The Moultrie Douglas County Fair Management and/or Superintendents will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur and are not responsible for any fragile specimens, displays, arrangements or containers.

I. SPECIMENS: 3 Blooms, Branches or Spikes
Premiums: First $6.00, Second $4.00, Third $2.00

641. Snapdragons [same variety and color, 3 stems]
642. Petunias, single [3 stems]
643. Petunias, double [3 stems]
644. Gladiolus [1 spike]
645. Marigolds, small [same variety; width size up to 2 inches; 3 blooms]
646. Marigolds, Large [same variety; width size over 2 Inches; 3 blooms]
647. Zinnia, small [same variety & color; width up to 1 ½ inches; 3 blooms]
648. Zinnia, medium [same variety & color; width size 1 ½ to 3 inches; 3 blooms]
649. Zinnia, large [same variety & color; width size over 3 inches; 3 blooms]
650. Daylily [1 stem]
651. Tiger or Easter Lily [1 stock]
652. Rose Hybrid Tea [1 stem]
653. Miniature Rose [1 stem]
654. Gladiola [1 variety, 1 spike]
655. Coneflower [same variety, 3 stems]
656. Hibiscus [1 bloom]
657. Sunflower [single specimen]
658. Annual [any not listed; 1 stem; variety must be printed on tag]
659. Perennial [any not listed; 1 stem; variety must be printed on tag]
665. Grand Champion: $5

II. POTTED PLANTS: 1 entry per premium number *Pots 12 inches in diameter or less
Premiums: First $8.00, Second $6.00, Third $4.00

670. Geranium in bloom [1 plant]
671. Combination container [at least 3 diff. varieties]
672. Mixed pot of marigolds [at least 3 varieties]
673. Succulent or cactus [name of variety; 1 plant]
674. Succulent or cactus container [at least 3 varieties]
686. Grand Champion: $5

Premiums: First $8.00, Second $6.00, Third $4.00

701. Bloomless any kind of foliage, no buds or blooms
702. Pretty Little small buds or blooms
703. Big and Beautiful large or full blooms
704. Sunday Brunch a mixed bouquet in a basket
705. July 4th red, white and blue
706. Recycle or Repurpose: reuse unexpected objects
707. Front Door: a display to be hung on a door
710. Grand Champion Adult Arrangement: $5

IV. JUNIOR ARRANGEMENTS (17yrs and under)
Premiums: First $8.00, Second $6.00, Third $4.00

722. Summer Time: elements and ideas of summer
723. Let’s Celebrate: represent a celebration
724. On the Farm: elements of life on a farm
725. All Wet: use water as the focus of your display
727. School Time: school spirit, class, or teacher
728. Recycle or Repurpose: reuse unexpected objects
730. Grand Champion Junior Arrangement: $5

745. Best in Show Specimen & Potted: $10
746. Best in Show Arrangement: $10
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